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City of Brass gets classy and characterful in a big update

Never underestimate a good pointy stick

I've been meaning to spend more time with offbeat first-person swashbuckling roguelike City of Brass, and today's update is exactly the excuse I needed to come back to it. While the launch version of the Arabian Nights-inspired smash n' grab was perhaps a little limited it its scope, today's "Fortune's Rivals" update broadens its horizons with two new playable character classes, as well as the option to swap the original protagonist's gender.

On top of the original playable character (The Traveller, who now can be male or female), the big feature of this update are the Soldier and Brigand classes. The Soldier is the scrappiest of the three, beginning the game with a magic spear which can skewer multiple enemies or be thrown in an emergency, and recovered after a few seconds. The Brigand plays it a little safer, with his primary weapon being a brace of throwing knives. Both seem to encourage new ways of tackling the many, many enemies in the game. Everyone, of course, still has a whip. Because why not?

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This is the second major update that City of Brass has received since launch. While not quite as grand in scope, the Sultan's Armory update added a fun bunch of new items, weapons and artifacts to mix things up a bit, which should synergise nicely with today's new classes. Take a peek at the trailer for that below.

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Considering how good-looking City of Brass is (maybe I'm just a sucker for beefy djinn and brightly coloured lighting?), and the pedigree of its developers (Uppercut Games are an ex-Bioshock crew), I'm surprised it flew under everyone's radar when it launched. Perhaps this will help put it back on people's wish-lists. You can check out the full patch-notes here.

City of Brass is 20% off on Steam currently, bringing it down to £12.39/13.43€/$15.99.

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