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Check out these 3D maps of Dark Souls' deaths and warnings

Look at all these... dark souls.

The Dark Souls games are hard. I've been told this and I believe it to be true. So true, in fact, that my fragile masculinity keeps me from playing them, for fear that I will learn the last 33 years built to nothing and that this whole "gamer skill set" might be an elaborate creation of my mind that translates into no genuine abilities. Maybe the only thing harder than Dark Souls is finding the strength to admit your weakness. Anyway, look at this cool thing!

Twitter user @DriftItem was kind enough to make and share some incredible images they created from the Dark Souls game which shows visualization of "~20000 DS1 bloodstain & soapstone messages" in a 3D map. This image really shows you where folks run into trouble in the game.

Here's one of the same map that is labeled with locations.

Here's some maps of other locations and further Dark Souls data from the same user that you might find as exciting as I do -- even without having played the game.

Oh look! Things go poorly in Anor Londo! (That's a reference I get.)

For someone with less than 30 tweets, we'd really like to see more from @DriftItem so maybe drop them a line and tell 'em you appreciate the work, before they disappear back into the void.

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