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Chime On Steam And We Have Some Codes

UPDATE: Codes sent out! Thanks for entering.

Codes for you! But only ten. We're going to have to devise some manner of competition to distribute them in a useful way. Head below the click for details on that. But what is Chime? Well it's a musical puzzle game where the levels are set to soundtracks by Orbital's Phil Hartnoll, Moby, Philip Glass, Markus Schulz and in the PC version, Jonathan Coulton. It's pretty compulsive, and it's also been produced by the initiative OneBigGame, so a chunk of the price of the game goes to charity. Hurrah for mildly addictive gaming philanthropy. I'll write some more about it later in the week, probably. Anyway, head below for that competition.

So then, let's do a competition to get out some copies of Chime out into the wild. Send an email over to this address (and keep the tagline "Jingle Bells Is a Good Song" on there, or miss out) and tell us what tracks you would have included in the PC version of the game, if you had been in charge of the universe. The most amusing or appropriate answers, as judged by a node of the hivemind, will win a copy of the game. Simple procedures for simple men.

Also: see competition rules for, you know, the rules.

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