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Chinese Takeaway: XCOM DLC Out Now

I should be over the moon about new content for one of my favourite games of 2012, but a) I wear specially-made grumpy pants at all times and b) the Slingshot add-on for XCOM really does sound underwhelming. It's out later today, and currently I'm not particularly likely to play it. The biggest problem with it for me is less its nature - a few bonus missions, a pre-generated hard-ass squadmate and some new outfit options - and more that, reportedly, most of it can't be accessed without starting a new campaign. I've played the game through two and half times now and what I want are new levels of challenge and new types of menace, not to repeat all those early stages once again to play three new maps, even if they are set in China.

See? Like I said, these pants are stitched from the finest grump hide.

So yeah, wot I think is that you probably won't see a Wot I Think of Slingshot here, unless it's patched to be accessible from an existing campaign.

I do want those new hats, though. The robotic ones would be ideal for my squad of Autobots. Here's a peek:

Cover image for YouTube video

It's due out today - in fact, by the time this article goes live it will be out. I am a soothsayer!

A second DLC pack has been confirmed, but no details on contents or dates or hats or whatnot is known as yet. I hope it's more substantial.

I hope it's Mars. Please let it be Mars.

Or Terror From The Deep. Imagine.

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