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Chivalry: The Deadliest Warrior Has Very Mean Vikings

Beard customization!

Gaming's had something of a love affair with vikings as of late, although the history books rarely mention dragon-felling shouts or horns and robotic embodiments of eternal night. This is, I imagine, in part due to the fact that those things are entirely fictional. Vikings, however, had hopes and dreams and pikes proudly bearing the festering heads of their enemies just like the rest of us. They were real, and - as Chivalry: The Deadliest Warrior hopes to demonstrate - some of them were total jerkstores. Feast your eyes on a trailer below, but probably watch your neck as well. It is how your head stays attached to your body, and these vikings very much object to that arrangement.

Now, vikings weren't actually blood-frenzied savages, but Spike TV's Deadliest Warrior isn't actually rooted in a whole lot of history. So!

"Fueled by their battle rage, these berzerkers’ attacks become faster and faster as they strike their opponents, creating a whirlwind of steel and death. This allows the viking to close the distance quickly and overwhelm his opponents. If destroying his enemies with one weapon isn’t enough to satisfy his fury, the Viking can wield two single-handed weapons at once, increasing his combo speed even further at the cost of making every hit a bit weaker. Dual-wield combos finish with a devastating double-handed strike."

Vikings can also play more defensively if you opt to kit yourself out with a shield, but it's apparently still about starting a "rampage." More importantly, however, there will be customizable beards! You'll be able to pick colors and braids and things. I plan on being the prettiest entrail-scarf-sporting murder machine.

Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior will also have medieval knights, gladiators, samurai, and a couple other factions that have yet to be revealed. It doesn't have a release date yet, but it probably will eventually because otherwise all this promotion would be kind of silly. Are you planning to give it a go?

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