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Choose Your Own Stabventure In Dishonored's New Trailer

Interactivity sure is neat, huh? Why, I bet one day we'll even be able to control the characters directly - like, with a mouse and keyboard. I know, I know: silly old Nathan and his craaaaaaazy ideas. Ah well, let's jump back to reality, where we abandoned our pursuit of true "video games" in favor of smellovision back in 1983. Today, I have for you an interactive trailer of Dishonored. It lets you choose between many enticing options - sometimes up to four! A word of warning, though: it'll knock you unconscious, throw you into Jello, and then drag you straight into spoiler territory if you're not careful.

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Fun! Did you unleash the hounds? I unleashed the hounds. Also, in spite of my sarcasm earlier, I actually appreciate that this one tosses out four or so options where most games would offer two. It does a pretty good job of showing just how open Dishonored levels can be, I think. On top of that, there were quite a few things to get on top of. It definitely hearkens back to Deus Ex's tendency to wage invisible wars - not invisible walls. If you see a place, you can probably find a way to reach it.

Honestly, though, Dishonored's only a few days out from release, and it's a totally unproven franchise; I certainly wouldn't mind a full-fledged demo at this point. I mean, I'm all for interactive trailers, but this strikes me as a bit of a cop-out. Plus, it's hard to understand the sheer elation of Dishonored's expansive, freeform power set without actually messing around with it for yourself. Maybe we'll see a demo next week? Here's hoping. Regardless, what I've played of Dishonored has been pretty special. If you're still on the fence, you should probably get off it. Fences are often sharp, so I can't imagine that's particularly pleasant for you.

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