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CKII’s Monks & Mystics (& Satanists) arrive in March

Troublesome priests

It’s that time again – Crusader Kings II [official site] is already obese with DLC and expansions but that is not stopping Paradox from bringing yet more obscure possibilities to the historical son-murdering simulation. The next addition, Monks & Mystics, is going to let you join religious sects and shadowy groups of clandestine devil worshippers among others. It’s release date has today been confirmed as March 7. And there’s a dev video below explaining some of the features.

Firstly, here’s developer man Henrik Fåhraeus talking us through some of the bigger elements of the DLC, such as collecting religious relics for prestige, holding a hidden faith in your heart, and recruiting craven killers to your bloody cult of Satan-lovers.

Watch on YouTube

There’s also some “quality of life” stuff in there. For instance, you can now suggest to your allies that they concentrate on besieging your foes or follow your army and so on, which is nice. But more importantly, we also now get to pick our favourite line from the changelog. Previous patches have offered such goodies as: “Mystics bringing promises of eternal life are more likely to be frauds” and “Regrowing lost limbs now removes phantom pain”. This time there’s only one in the running so far: “When eating your prisoners,” it says, “you can now attract a non-serious disease”. Excellent.

Like I said, Monks & Mystics is due out March 7 and will cost $14.99/€14.99 (that means it’ll probably be around the £10.99 mark in Britpounds, to fit with past expansions).

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