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Classic web series Consolevania returning

Consolevania, the strange and delightful video game webseries which spawned BBC Scotland show VideoGaiden, is returning. Rab Florence (who wrote our Cardboard Children column) and Ryan Macleod have launched a Patreon to crowdfund new episodes and mercy me it looks like they're doing well so far. Consolevania's something I missed at the time, only finding it later and out-of-context, but I still laugh remembering some sketches. Not just the ones that poke fun at RPS elder Kieron Gillen. But often those ones. Quite often those ones.

While Consolevania was a web show, in my head it's categorised with (and above) the shows that made it to telly, riffing off them into its own weird direction. So sure, episodes had reviews and retrospectives and things, as any video game show might, but it was personal and it was funny and it was heartfelt and it was unpredictable. Here's a review of Oblivion:

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Big thoughts from Nu-Skool Journalist Kevin Leddins, yeh?

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Some game tips from Ask Kenny:

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Kevin Leddins (why does he seem so familiar?) again, fighting the video game fascists:

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It's a load of mates making each other laugh, yeah? I realise that's basically YouTube at large these days but few wavy 'Tube men have the sense and cheekiness of Consolevania (let alone the Glasgow patter). Oh I'm sure it won't be the same because Rab and Ryan are old now, basically in the grave, but aren't we all?

Anyway! Unlike Kickstarter, Patreon is made for ongoing work, with patrons being charged per episode. They've already received enough pledges to fund the basics, and are reaching towards stretch goals to make it fancier. One goal is to rope in Gerry McLaughlin, who you might recognise as one of the gag gang on Burnistoun, the sketch show Rab has with Iain Connell.

Consolevania say episodes will be exclusive to backers but, er, they accept that they'll inevitably be shared amongst everyone. Backing it will get you them straight away, mind. Here's Rab and Ryan to say hullo:

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[Disclosure: As I said, but should make clear, Rab wrote Cardboard Children on RPS. If you didn't know that already, goodness me you've got six years of columns to catch up on. You lucky dog!]

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