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Ice Hockey Meets Minigolf: ClusterPuck 99


For all my previous gushing about reimagined sport games, I entirely missed ClusterPuck 99 [official site] when it first came out last year. It looks like ice hockey stripped down to the essentials of one puck, two goals, and up to eight players, but then built back up with wackiness borrowed from a minigolf course rather than any field or rink I've seen. Mazes! Spikes! Bumpers! Boosters! Perilous drops! Spinny bits! Silliness! ClusterPuck comes to my attention now through its release on Steam, where a launch discount brings it briefly down to £5.94.

ClusterPuck has your usual serious hockey puck-knocking, with its twenty sports arenas for serious sports are weird battle arenas filled with twists, turns, obstacles, bumpers, speed boosts, spikes, and other things I assume must be standard sporting equipment in Sweden or Canada or one of the other ice hockey nations. It does have simpler maps too, mind, if you'd rather plain old barging and pucking every now and then.

Along with local multiplayer for up to 8, with CPU opponents if you fancy, and the Steam release brings a new singleplayer "challenge" mode too.

On Windows and Mac, with a Linux build to follow "very soon", it's £5.94 through Steam until Friday, when it'll go up to £6.99. Have a trailer:

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