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Co-op shooter Outpost: Infinity Siege has mechs, grapple hooks, and a release window

It also has a confirmed name, now

Several games have attempted to successfully marry first-person shooting with real-time strateging, and to my mind none have quite succeeded. Outpost: Infinity Siege, at the very least, understands why the ambition its worthwhile. First revealed during last year's E3, its newest trailer shows more massive scale combat - as well as confirming its name and a release window.

Here's the new trailer:

Cover image for YouTube videoOutpost: Infinity Siege - Official Announcement Trailer

It was previously called Outpost, or "Outpost (working title)", but now it's officially Outpost: Infinity Siege. It is about building a huge defensive platform covered in turrets, running around in first-person to battle swarms of spiderbots (with co-op pals), and both grapple hooking and piloting mechs. These are several of my favourite things in just a couple of sentences.

I think the whole thing is riding right at the limits of what its budget can achieve, but maybe that doesn't matter if spectacle makes up for a lack of polish. There was also a longer, seven-minute video last year that suggested it would satisfy by brute force if not with nuance.

This latest trailer comes with the news that Outpost: Infinity Siege - a name just slightly better than Outpost: Working Title, frankly - is aiming for release in Q3 of this year. There's a Steam page that offers more detail, including a screenshot that illustrates how its character loadouts turn it into a kind of action RPG, where your fighting strengths will be determined in part by passive buffs and socketed abilities.

Fingers crossed the scale and ideas coalesce into something fun when it does land later this year.

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