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Outpost is a co-op shooter about building a base and battling swarms

They might change the name before release, however

Sci-fi first-person shooter Outpost has an underwhelming working title, but the trailer looks positively overwhelming thanks to the scale of the thing. It's about fighting gushing swarms of hundreds of squid-like robots and constructing a base to help you.

Cover image for YouTube videoOutpost | Gameplay Trailer | Future Games Show June 2022

Now, many moons ago, I used to be big into Activision’s Battlezone and Pandemic Studios’s excellent follow-up Battlezone 2: Combat Commander. Outpost looks like it has a similar combo of combat and base-building, so that’s piqued my interest. You’ll need to shoot things, obvs, but then you can collect resources scattered around the map to invest in building structures and characters back at your home base. There’s online co-op to throw into the mix too.

Judging from the trailer it seems you’ll have to defend your ‘outpost’ from quite a lot of aliens, actually. Outpost is a very generic name, so you can understand why it might be changed before this one launches. Don’t confuse it with the other Outpost, made by Open Mid Interactive, which Ollie wasn’t that keen on back in 2020. There was a DOS game of the same name from Sierra On-Line too, and it’s definitely not that one even if they’re both about building bases in space.

There was no firm release date announced for Outpost (working title) tonight, but it’ll be out on Steam at some point 'soon', otherwise known as the indefinite future. You’re familiar with the indefinite future by now – it’s when all these sci-fi games are set.

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