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Colonosaurus: Jurassic Park: The Game

Jurassic Park: The Game is a change of pace from Telltale, previously known for its take on the slow time events familiar in point and click games through the centuries. With the addition of raging dinosaurs comes the addition of somewhat quicker events, such as running away, climbing a fence and being tossed through the air, reduced to nothing more than a bag of broken bones and ruptured organs.

This new video goes behind the scenes, demonstrating that there will still be puzzles and narrative alongside the screaming and devouring. I'm not sure how "picture in picture scene navigation" will work but I'm quietly intrigued. Oh, and there's a short montage of dinosaurs murdering people starting at 2.05.

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More than the action sequences, I'm waiting to see how Telltale handle more serious characterisation in what looks like their most realistic setting to date. It's not that I think the genetic revival of dinosaurs is more likely than time travel or quipping pirates, it's that the source material is the least overtly comedic they've tackled (I still maintain the zapped-child counting sequence in the original film was intended purely for comic effect, as was most of the second film).

There's an impressive deluxe edition coming, which includes the kind of goodies that I enjoy receiving, including a nifty looking InGen Field Guide, just like you'd receive if you were a real visitor to the park. Make things even more real by tearing your copy and staining it with blood every time a character dies.

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