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Come and say hello to our new vid bud, Liam Richardson

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RPS video producer Liam Richardson walks down a street with a cartoon Horace nearby
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The RPS video chamber has been a little quiet since Colm left us at the end of last year, but this week I'm pleased to announce that strange noises have once again been heard from deep within our Treehouse recording booth. Indeed, our search for a new vid bud is finally over, so please say hello and welcome to Liam Richardson.

Liam may already be a familiar face to some of you out there. He was previously a video producer over at our PlayStation sister site Push Square, where he talked about the CHAOS of Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins, commented on the fallout of Sony press conferences, and rounded up his favourite racing games among many, many other fun and insightful videos.

He's also run his own indie-focused YouTube channel Seven Out Of Ten since 2011, focusing on those interesting oddities in games that reach for the stars and end up falling just a little bit short (although I do take exception to calling Dorfromantik a 7/10, I mean that's clearly outrageous). Still, Dorfromantik crimes aside, Liam's love of games runs deep, and I can't wait to seeing what new and shiny audio visual delights he's got in store for us.

Cover image for YouTube videoPC Game Music Quiz | Can You Guess PC Classics From The Music?

Said delights will mostly be vidoes that are made to live on the site rather than on YouTube, complementing the words of the wider RPS team rather than existing for a separate, dedicated audience. Liam's already set about refreshing some our Bestest Best round-up videos, for example, and he'll also be helping the guides team to create handy tips walkthroughs as well. But Liam will be far from a background player at RPS. We're also going to be bringing back some old formats like My Favourite Thing, where Liam chats with the team about what they've been playing recently, and Top 10 Games of the Month. You may even see him heading up the odd news reaction video every now and again to break down the facts of major industry news stories, too, and we're also working out how to make the most of his passion for indie games as well.

In short, there are lots of exciting things coming up on the RPS video channel, so stay tuned to find out more. You may even catch a glimpse of his excellent calico cat Shari, while you're at it.

Until then, though, please come and give Liam a warm welcome in the comments below.

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