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Come Back To The Future Now (And For Free)

Lord Jimothy! Johncharlesfrederickathon! Kierovington IV! Quintin! It is I, Alexander Granville Cuthbert Meershire, Earl of Rotheringhampton-under-Thames. Quickly, come hither to me. Something most odd has occured. Some manner of iron box, mounted somehow upon four wheels and adorned with walls of glass, has arrived outside the stables. It is a fearsome thing, bellowing smoke and malodour. As I approach, its side lifted upwards, like the wing of a gull. All manner of unearthly lights are visible within, behind which is a chair of comfort such as I have never even dreamed. Should I... should I enter this machine, if machine it indeed be? There are switches, levers, pedals. As an inquiring mind of Her Majesty's Elite Journalism Corps, I feel I must explore further. I shall just press this and....

Cough cough. Eh? What the?

Oh God.

Oh no.

WALKER! What have you done? We told you to schedule some sodding posts while we were all away today, and you've only gone and fouled up the database again. We've been posting stuff from 1873 all day! Never mind the embarrassment of a professional videogames site posting gibberish about the 19th century all day, those archives were locked for a reason. If we'd accidentally posted the one where it was revealed that Jim's great-great-aunt was Jack the Ripper... No, no. It doesn't bear thinking about. All will be well again. We're back now. Back to the future.

On which note, you lot will be glad to hear that Telltale have made the first episode of their latest adventure gaming series Back To The Future available for free. Here it is. Here's what I thought of it, too. I haven't been back to the series yet, though RPS-Comrade Cobbett has suggested the last episode was something of a let down. I'll be delving back in at some point soon though, I dare say.

Ah, 2011. Good to be back. You feel good.

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