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Come Die With Me: Don't Starve Together

Multiplayer starve 'em up

Don't Starve Together is the sort of stern instruction that was once delivered by frowning parents to their newly married offspring as they set out to find a partner for life. The ruddy-faced matron wouldn't tell her son to make sure he wooed a girl who always washed behind the ears, and the cracked lips of an aged farmer would not part to instruct his daughters in the ways of romance and wedlock - instead, mother and father both would have one piece of advice. "When you settle down with a spouse and begin a life of your own, eternal bliss can be yours if you follow this advice - Don't Starve Together." Then they'd slip a withered turnip out of their breeches, pass it across and shut the door of the family home for good.

Don't Starve's upcoming multiplayer mode will allow you to relive the good old days with your own friends and it'll be entering closed beta before September 23rd.

The update will be free and Klei point out that it has required more work than people might imagine. As well as networking implementation, the multiplayer mode requires reimagining of fundamental game mechanics. How can one player sleep through the night, skipping forward to the morning, if other players are active in the same world.

Hopefully, the solution to that particular problem involves nightly coffee downpours that caffeinate every living thing and prevent the phantom death of sleep from becoming an issue. Hopefully.

More details in the AMA over yonder.

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