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Company Of Heroes 3's first major update brings bug fixes and cosmetics

Plus daily and weekly challenges

Company Of Heroes 3 had rough beach landing, garnering mostly positive reviews from critics (like us) and mixed-to-negative reviews from players on Steam. Today's release of its first major update, titled Operation Sapphire Jackal, may help address that disparity given that it promises to fix "hundreds" of bugs in the base game. On the other hand, it also adds cosmetics - both those that can be unlocked for free and via spending real money.

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First up, the update brings new daily and weekly challenges to Company Of Heroes which can be completed in multiplayer or in co-op. These optional objectives are things like, "Kill 50 vehicles with anti-tank guns" or "Win 5 multiplayer matches of any team size." Completing these objectives grants player Merit, a currency that can then be spent to unlock "content" or, more specifically, historically coherent cosmetic items for your armies.

Not all items can be bought with Merit, of course. Some will require "War Bonds", another currency which can be purchased with real money.

The fixes and improvements sound more exciting to me. There's an update to the 'Unique Player Color' option which makes it easier to tell friends from foesthere's all-new voiceover for the Gurkha Infantry, there are changes to vehicle pathfinding, and there are literally hundreds of other bug fixes. There's a blog post which summarises all the patch's contents, as well as complete patch notes listing the fixes in full.

Katharine really did like her summer holiday in her Company Of Heroes 3 review, calling its singleplayer campaigns "a glorious comeback."

Future updates for Company Of Heroes 3 are planned, including more fixes, a robust balance update, new maps, and much-requested camera zoom distance changes.

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