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Competition: Share your memories of Obsidian games

Remember the bugs?

Our cousins at Eurogamer are running a competition between now and Tuesday 12th September in which they're asking for you to share your memories of Obsidian's games. They'll then select their favourite reminiscences and reward the authors with prizes, from free games (on many platforms) to free consoles. You can find more instructions at the link above, as well as read the many existing entries in the comments including stories of South Park: The Stick of Truth, Fallout: New Vegas, and more.

As described by Eurogamer:

"We're indulging in a bit of a celebration of the work of veteran role-playing game studio Obsidian Entertainment over the next couple of weeks, and as part of that we would love you to share memories of your favourite moments from Obsidian's classic games, past and present. We'll be rewarding our favourite memories with prizes!

"The prizes come courtesy of Paradox Interactive, which is publishing a couple of Obsidian titles this month"

We'll have a few articles about Obsidian games of our own over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, this Fallout: New Vegas anecdote from Eurogamer reader The_Legacy is nice:

"My character had been plowing through the Mojave for a week or so, again in hardcore mode, battered, tattered, carrying a couple hundred pounds of items ranging from energy weapons to useful junk, barely having seen enough water to drink, let alone wash. Then she finds a puncture in one of the pipe lines in the area, from which water pours more heavenly than mana. It felt like it had been ages since my character, and by extension I, could relax and allow her to take off her back-bending heavy armor, ripped off of a killed centurion. The delight that came from something as simple as taking an improvised shower, surrounded by daring patches of grass and bighorners grazing nearby, was unexpectedly, splendidly refreshing, and reminded me: with all the horrors in the wastes, the rare beautiful moments become ever so more intense as well; and if grass and joy can still grow here, then putting that armor back on and persisting in good intention may be worth it yet."

Keep in mind that you won't receive any prizes for sharing thoughts under this post, which isn't to say you shouldn't do so anyway just for fun.

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