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Control 2 officially confirmed by Remedy after last year's tease

The sequel’s being co-developed and co-published by 505 Games

Put down any objects that might be philosophically troubling, because a sequel to brain-boggling, sci-fi action adventure Control's been confirmed by Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games. The companies have signed a deal to co-develop and co-publish Control 2, formerly known as Codename Heron, revealed in a statement shared by Remedy today. The game’s being developed in the Northlight engine, and will be published on PC by Remedy.

Former vid bud Matthew thought Control was Remedy's best game yet.Watch on YouTube

“With Control 2, we’ll take another leap into the unknown. It’ll be an unexpected journey. It’ll take a while, but to put it mildly, this is the most exciting project I’ve ever worked on,” said Control 2’s game director Mikael Kasurinen. There’s no word of when we’ll see the game yet. Development's still in the concept phase, and Kasurinen clarified it's “early days”.

The idea of a sequel to Control isn’t new, having been bandied around since June last year. The deal with 505 Games was touted at the same time. Remedy are working on a co-op spin-off alongside Control 2, known for now as just Codename Condor. Must really like ornithology, those folks at Remedy.

Brendy (RPS in peace) thought the original game had a few dud moments in his Control review, but really enjoyed the game’s sense of humour. “I can't overstate the fact that it's a funny game,” he said, “funny enough that the humour keeps you going from fight to fight, searching not for the source of your mysterious enemy, or for the answer to all the sub-mysteries surrounding Jesse, but for the next episode of the Threshold Kids.”

The first Control is available on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store for £35/$40/€40. Control 2 is coming to PC, Xbox Series consoles and PlayStation 5 whenever it appears.

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