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Control is getting more graphics options, including motion blur

Plus a better in-game map

If your PC's been struggling to run Remedy's new telekinetic shooter Control this past week, you may have been desperately searching for a way to turn off its rather strong motion blur effect. Alas, no such option exists right now, but the good news is that it will do very soon as part of Control's next big update.

This update should arrive by the end of the September, according to the latest blog post over on Control's website, and will give players an On/Off toggle switch for both its Motion Blur and Film Grain effects, which should hopefully make turning the camera a slightly less nauseous affair for ailing PC users.

The update will also improve Control's in-game map, which as our head video bud Matthew noted in his video review of the game, "totally fails to convey height and often seems to be missing several rooms and paths" at the moment - which is problematic when one of Jesse's key abilities is the power of flight. Admittedly, it's not 100% clear how the map will actually change in the new update, but Remedy say they're "working to improve how the in-game map loads to ensure that all the relevant info displays immediately and correctly, as it should." Fingers crossed that means a clearer height layout, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see how it all pans out.

Sadly, the one thing that doesn't look like it's going to be added to Control post-launch is support for HDR. Personally, that's fine by me, but it may come as a disappointment for others. Here's what Remedy have to say on the matter:

"Early on in Control’s development, it was decided that HDR would not be implemented in-game. This is a decision based on the fact that development resources are limited, and we need to allocate what we have in a certain way."

Fortunately, Remedy are going to be funnelling said resources into other neat additions for Control, such as a Photo Mode. I must admit, I was a bit disappointed I couldn't use Nvidia's Ansel screenshot tech when I was putting together my Control RTX guide last week, so this is a very welcome development indeed - especially when every room in The Oldest House is framed so, so beautifully. Folder full of household objects screenshots, here I come.

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