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Control is free on the Epic Games Store right now

One week to grab a copy of Remedy's spectacle-filled shooter

This week's free game on the Epic Games Store is a good'un, 2019's Control. Made by Max Payne and Alan Wake studio Remedy Entertainment, it's a supernatural shooter starring a woman who ventures into the vast and shadowy Federal Bureau Of Control in search of answers. She then proceeds to near-demolish that building from within by using telekinetic powers to hurl great chunks of it at employees possessed by an otherworldly force. Fun!

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Grab Control free from the Epic Games Store by 4pm (8am Pacific) on Thursday the 17th and it'll be yours for keepsies. While this doesn't include the expansions, the season pass is only £5 in Epic's current sale.

I quite liked Control, flying about and throwing junk using my mind. Strong vibes, good jokes, amazing use of live video (honestly, how it blended real people with the virtual world thrilled me more than many of the impressive views), great sound, and some great characters. But my interest was sapped by any fight that Jesse couldn't streamroll. The combat just isn't interesting in a drawn-out battle, and boss fights often felt tedious or arbitrary. And I wish things were just weirder, y'know? But it's fun. At this price, absolutely do have a look.

"Overall, I had a good time, especially when introducing the Hissyfit boys to giant desks at speed," Brendy said in our Control review, backing me up. "But by the time I reached the end, through the game's twists and somersaults, I was also sort of glad it was finished."

Hell of a spectacle at times, though.

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