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Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! serves up tasty fixes

Patches! Fresh hot patches!

When Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! [official site] launched last week, it was a little undercooked - enough that the chef at Vertigo Gaming included an in-game pop-up noting that some features would be added over the coming days. Days have come, and so have features. One-man team David Galindo launched two tasty patches over the weekend, serving mashed mouse support upon a crumble of blackened Buzz balancing with a foam of fixes, followed by a cloud of saves with a mousse of icons.

If you fancy frenetic frying in this sequel to a splendid game but were put off by talk of missing and wonky bits, hey, you might fancy a taste now.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! is a hectic restaurant management game where we need to cook and serve every (hopefully delicious) dish ourselves, tapping out strings of hotkeys for each cooking process and trying to keep our cool as orders stack up, the dishwasher needs running, the health inspector drops by, and oh god rush hour hits and it's all so busy. It's great! The first game arrived in 2013 then the sequel followed last Thursday.

Vertigo Gaming last month delayed the sequel a little to focus on polish but it still wasn't quite ready for the new launch date. Rather than delay again, Vertigo served it up with an in-game notification that pressing issues would be resolved promptly. Warning: do not consume food before it is ready, only video games.

CSD!2!! launched a little hotfix on Thursday to fix some urgent problems, then the first "major" patch followed in the wee hours of Saturday. Notable changes include mouse support for all menus, making key binds more consistent across Wok dishes, and a major rebalancing of Buzz. "This should significantly help difficulty from ramping up way too fast," Galindo said, "and I plan on making further adjustments as I see how players do with the new progression."

Version 1.02 launched overnight, adding cloud save support, new window presets for the restaurant designer, and more bug fixes.

Galindo is still working away, including on a "big" content patch he says he'll detail sometime this week.

"I've been reading and responding to the negative reviews and I hear your feedback regarding features you'd like to see in this game," he added. Some of the sequel's changes haven't gone down well with fans of the original, so I'm curious to see how much will change.

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