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Crows Crows Crows Kicks Off With An ARG


A couple of days ago William Pugh - one half of the team that brought us The Stanley Parable - teased a new development team, and a new game to be announced soon. It seems he's not going to be making it easy for anyone, as it's kicking off with an ARG. About Crows.

Having worked with Dominik Johann, Jack de Quidt, Sean O'Dowd for about a year, Pugh says that after "failing in private we are now ready to succeed in public." That promised success looks like a letter, at this point.

It reads,

"Deputy Angelo,

Attached to this message you should find a copy of Report A.807 (Concerning The Series Of Peculiar Disappearances Across Europe Over The Course Of The Late Summer) which I mentioned briefly in this morning’s meeting.

As should go without saying, this document is extremely sensitive and should be treated as such. You and I have told each other enough secrets to know when to keep one more.

I’m sorry I couldn’t walk you through this personally but I’m afraid the bakery caught light again and they called me instead of the fire brigade. I should be back around 5 and I can go over any questions you have then. I’ll try and bring back the least burned pastry I can find.

Chief Inspector Eloise Lavigne"

The attached report has a number of pages to dig through and, well, if you're the ARG type, you know the deal. Get to work. You're first in the world to see this, so you've got a head start. Maybe report progress in the comments?

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