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CRT Of Evil: Frictional's Next Game Is SOMA

Frictional's new game.

I've spent the past few days F5ing Frictional's teaser site for their next game, which has been promising a new sci-fi game from Amnesia chaps. Well, my patience has finally been rewarded. The site is live with a scant amount of data about a thing called SOMA. All the information is based on the game's fiction, so there's no context to what we're seeing. All I know is it's sci-fi, and the machine at the heart of all this looks like a kid's TV bad guy: it is an evil monitor. Live action trailer entitled "Vivarium" is below.

So all we have to go on is the game's name, SOMA, and the suggestion that this was a device salvaged during a mission. What mission and where was it salvaged from? Those are questions that the poor people who have to deal with it will probably have to scribble down in their blood, or perhaps record into a dictaphone for the player to find at his or her leisure. At any rate, if we are looking at the main villain of the piece in this video, then I'm putting new batteries in my remote. I'll not be caught out.

I was intrigued, but then Jim ruined it by mentioning Evil Edna.

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