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Crusader Kings 2 expansion Holy Fury makes religion even messier on November 13th

Bedding the Pope remains the ultimate goal

As if holy wars weren't bad enough, Paradox are making them more complicated than ever before in their expansion, Holy Fury, for historical political life-sim Crusader Kings 2. Announced back in May, the expansion now has a release date - November 13th, just one month away. Leaders can become saints, successions are to become thornier, and pagans can forge their own custom path instead of bowing to one of the other trendier religions. This one's going to be bigger than past expansions, and include random world generation too. Below, a new story trailer.

Holy Fury's feature list is so bizarrely broad that I'm left wondering if this is to be Crusader King 2's swansong. The key feature is expanding on the religious side of the game. Crusades are becoming more complex, coronations need to be blessed by the clergy, and there's new and potentially custom rules for pagan religions and a lot coming beyond that. While perhaps not historically accurate, warrior bloodlines will also be represented, with Paradox giving Charlemagne and Genghis Khan as examples of leaders that will pass on perks to future generations.

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Paradox also claim they've improved diplomatic options - you'll be able to gently talk neighbours into becoming your vassals if you're silver-tongued, or goad rivals into swinging first and giving you casus belli to strike back. One of the biggest features of Holy Fury is randomly generated and 'shattered' world maps. Shattered maps are small, crowded and messy, like a condensed Europe, with lots of small realms jockeying for position. Random maps are exactly as they sound, seeding a new world with pseudo-historical empires which should make for some fun alt-history stories.

Anyone who has played Crusader Kings 2 knows that the devil is in the details. The more complex the simulation, the more things can go hilariously right or wrong, making for memorable stories to tell later. CK2 has always had more in common with The Sims than historical stablemate Europa Universalis - there's no end goal beyond what you set for yourself, so just pick a character and see how much of history can be broken through a single metaphorical butterfly flapping its wings. I've not played much of Crusader Kings 2 this past year, but I think I'll be diving back in for this.

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Crusader Kings 2: Holy Fury launches on November 13th, and will cost more than other expansions, clocking in at £15.49/€19.99/$19.99. You can find it on Steam and Paradox Plaza.

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