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Cult hit: Crusader Kings 2's Monks & Mystics DLC is out

Get yr Saton

Cults and orders of assassins, satananiacs, Hermetics, monks, and more are now roaming the historical simulation of Crusader Kings 2 [official site], if you buy the latest expansion anyway. Paradox today launched Monks and Mystics, which boshes in secret (and not-so secret) orders who reward loyalty with handy abilities, pops in holy relics and masterwork weapons, and more. In short, yes, you can sacrifice people in Lucifer's name and try to summon a familiar.

As is the Paradox way, also out today is a big new update free for all players. It brings new features, useful changes, welcome fixes, and things that, y'know, sound funny. Sadly, the endless carousing has ended.

Monks and Mystics is £10.99/14,99€/$14.99 on Steam and Paradox's store. This trailer peeps at some of the expansion's features but the changelog for Update 2.7 gets way more into it.

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That changelog also covers the free update. Here are some bits in update 2.7 which made me say "Ooh!" or smile.

  • Gone are the days when you are forced to abandon the old ways, as you are able to falsely confess to a new religion while still keeping true to your faith in secret
  • With enough Prestige, a ruler with a secret religion can create a cult to recruit more members
  • When eating your prisoners, you can now attract a non-serious disease
  • An educator will no longer get the option to teach their student about their area of expertise if the student is dead
  • Fixed it being possible to bypass the carousing cooldown at the end of carousing by starting a new round of carousing before interacting with the "end" event
  • Court Physicians should no longer ask you to punish them when they mistreat themselves
  • Made some fixes to the 'Meddling Mother' events - No longer will she dislike herself if she is your spouse or councillor, or try to seduce herself

Paradox say update 2.7 should work fine with game saves from 2.6 but juuust in case you might want to hold back if you really want to hang onto a save.

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