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Crusader Kings II Monks and Mystics: The joy of sects

The joy of sects

What is Crusader Kings II [official site] missing? I've been playing again recently, drawn back in by The Reaper's Due and its perfect simulation of the general snotty sickness of an English winter. I'd never have thought of disease as such an important addition, which is a bit silly really considering the historical impact of the Black Death, and the fact that entire military campaigns could be undone by infection and illness. Disease is important.

So too are religious societies and cults, and that's what the next expansion, Monks and Mystics, will bring.

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Gnostics and stones may break your bones, but their words will really hurt you. Here's what to expect:

Monastic Orders: With lay offices available to non-clerical characters, monastic orders will increase your character’s piety - but they have expectations.

Cults: Gnostic heresies may flourish and it is rumored that the worship of Satan continues in the darkened fringes of the world

Climb the Ranks: Characters work their way up the ladder of Societies, unlocking new abilities and triggering new event chains

Hunt for Heretics: Send your chaplain out to find secret societies that undermine the holy church and your realm. But what if the hunter is guilty himself?

Other New Councillor Actions: Your councillors have a fourth action that will make them more powerful and integral to sound rulership

And much more: Assassins, archaeological expeditions, holy relics, great treasures and more

I can't see a release date, which means I don't know whether I should suspend my current game and wait for all of this stuff to land. That's the only thing that stops me from playing Crusader Kings II all day every day really; part of me wants to wait until it's finished so that I can play the whole thing, but another part of me is convinced that will never happen so I pick it up and start a new playthrough every now and again anyhow.

This all sounds grand though. Not essential unless you're as excited about the idea of archaeological expeditions as I am, but it's another layer of hidden agendas and demands, and I'm all for that.

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