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Danger zone: Ace Combat 7 jetting to PC too


Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown [official site] will indeed come to PC too, Bandai Namco confirmed today. Since announcing it in 2015, they'd only mentioned a PlayStation 4 release, so huzzah! This will be the second game in the arcade-y fly 'em up series' 25-year run to hit PC, following the disappointing Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, and it sounds like it may be more of a return to form. It's returning to the alternate Earth of the 'Strangereal' universe, for starters. This here story trailer brings to mind the earnest oddity and technononsense of Metal Gear Solid, which I'm up for:

Cover image for YouTube video

There's even a grizzled Old Snake-y chap!

Ace Combat, as I understand it, is a fly-o-shooter that I'd only call a "flight simulator" if I were talking to someone who'd cross their arms and call me on my nonsense if I tried to pass 'fly-o-shooter' as a legit genre. Pip. If I were talking to Pip. Look, it's not the sort of flight sim that'll get Tim Stone purring about simulated oil mixtures, okay?

My own experience with Ace Combat is only playing a bit of Assault Horizon at a show, some helicopter missions I found pretty boring. I understand many fans consider that one a bit of a duffer for the series, mind.

Ace Combat 7 is made by Bandai Namco's Project Aces team. They've hauled the writer of Ace Combat 4 and 5, Sunao Katabuchi, back in for this one.

Look for Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown on Steam later this year. Though the PlayStation version will support its cybergoggles, Bandai Namco haven't said anything about PC VR yet.

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