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None More Black: Darkest Dungeon Expands

Darkest Dungeon is a good time, if your idea of a good time involves people going mad, dying horribly, getting lost in brothels or demanding to be flagellated. If it doesn't, why not? Pervert. While one of the more robust Early Access offerings it was not without annoyance at launch (Yes, I know full well you're in distress, Hero! Stop barking at me!) and there was clearly much more to be bolted on. Last night's Fiends & Frenzy update is the wondrously-narrated team roguelikelike's biggest step forwards yet.

Most notably, there are two new hero classes, which is good news if you're getting bored of seeing the same old leprous faces again and again. Arbalest and Man-At-Arms are the newbies. I sadly presume the latter is not the YMCA dude from He-Man. I haven't found either in rapid poking at the updated version this morning, so can't tell you anything else about them other than what's implied in the header image, but I fully intend to play more and find out.

We also get several new bosses, just in case the game's combat wasn't desperate enough, a new building in town, various new loot and the potential for your heroes to have fatal heart attacks if you let them get too stressed. This latter strikes me as significant, rather than just playful - previously, the penalties for stressed-out heroes were primarily various degrees of annoyance, but now there's a real risk of permanent consequences. It puts the light/dark system even more front and centre. Also you can get full up now, so no more food-binging for you, laddie.

There are many more 'quality of life' and UI tweaks, based primarily on feedback from Early Access players, and all of which are listed here.

I very, very much want to go back, though with that comes the guilt that I should be playing stuff I've yet to try instead. Everyone keeps talking about Life Is Strange...

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