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Darkest Dungeon is the next free game for RPS premium supporters, and here's how to get it

Codes will be first come first served, and in limited quantities

A warrior fights a hooded demon in Darkest Dungeon
Image credit: Red Hook Studios

When we relaunched the RPS supporter program at the end of June, one of the benefits of becoming a premium subscriber was regular free game keys, as curated by the RPS staff. Today, we're announcing one of the next game keys that will be available for existing premium subscribers: Darkest Dungeon, the exquisite gothic roguelike that's also one of our favourite RPGs of all time.

Darkest Dungeon is a challenging, turn-based RPG roguelike that sees you sending a team of adventurers into increasingly horrible dungeons to fend off increasingly horrible eldritch monsters. It started life in early access in 2015, and we loved it so much that it quickly became one of our favourite games of 2016 when it launched in full. It's since added a clutch of equally brilliant DLC, a free PvP mode, and spawned a sequel, Darkest Dungeon 2, which came out on the Epic Games Store just a few weeks ago. Now, you can see what all the fuss is about by claiming a copy of the original.

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Buying Darkest Dungeon today would cost £18.99 / €22.39 / $25.87 via Steam or GOG, but it will be available at no extra cost to RPS premium subscribers on Thursday November 11th.

This key drop is a little bit different to the ones we've done before, which is why we're announcing it in advance this time. It's a smaller key drop, for starters, so codes will only be available in limited quantities, and we wanted to make sure everyone has an equal chance to grab one to avoid disappointment.

These keys have kindly been provided by Darkest Dungeon's developers, Red Hook Studios, and they'll be available on a first-come, first-served basis from 4pm GMT (8am PT) on November 11th - so make sure you're near your phone or PC at that time to claim your copy. I'll write another reminder post on the day itself, too.

If you're already a premium supporter, you'll be able to claim your copy of Darkest Dungeon by signing in to your ReedPop ID and visiting the Codes page on your account. You can then boot up Steam, click "Activate a Product on Steam..." and copy in your key to start downloading.

If you don't yet support RPS and want to, you can view the tiers and benefits and sign up here. By supporting RPS, you're helping to keep RPS daft, but you also get an ad-free site, extra posts and podcasts, and for premium-tier supporters, game keys like the above as thanks.

I also want to point out that these smaller game key drops are something we're doing in addition to the regular game key drops available to all premium subscribers - the next one of which will be announced very soon.

Thank you again to everyone who's already signed up to become an RPS supporter so far - and also to all of you who filled out our readership survey the other week to help us improve the supporter program going forwards. We're working through your feedback as we speak, and will have more to share on the results very soon.

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