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Darksiders Genesis announced as a co-op hack n' slasher

The brighter side of Darksiders

There's more Darksiders on the way, but this one's looking a little smaller and cuter than the last. Darksiders Genesis is taking its sprawling world of comic-book gothic excess and cramming it into a cooperative hack n' slasher. Starring new horseman Strife (introduced in Darksiders 3) teaming up with his big-shoulder-padded buddy War; together they fight demon crimes. While some have likened it to Diablo 3, from the looks of the debut trailer below, I reckon this looks far more like the (underrated) Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light. Give it a peek for yourself.

IGN got the first peek at Darksiders Genesis, and while they mention there'll be loot and other action-RPG trappings, there's a focus on exploration and puzzle-solving too. Judging by the trailer, it looks like Darksiders, just from a different perspective, and one possibly better suited to Strife's gunslinging combat style. That's not to say that the classic Darksiders platforming is gone, as we can see him and War wall-running, bounding between ledges and clambering up vertical pillars, as you did so very much of in Darksiders 2. What I'm most curious about is how War will play, and whether - as in the Lara Croft spinoff games - puzzles will become more complex and co-operative if you bring a buddy.

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This time round, Gunfire Games -- the mostly ex-Vigil team behind Darksiders 3 -- are stepping back to let Airship Syndicate take over development. It's a good pick, as Airship Syndicate are the studio founded by Darksiders artist Joe Madureira, and also count some more Vigil staff among their ranks. It's only half a degree of separation in terms of studio, then. They're also fresh from developing Battle Chasers: Nightwar, a decent JRPG-styled romp based on one of Madureira's old comics. While combat in Battle Chasers was turn-based, their dungeon design wasn't half bad.

According to its Amazon store listing, Darksiders Genesis is due out on December 31st, and will cost $30, although both of these facts are liable to change. As well as Windows, it'll also be available for Google Stadia. It's published by THQ Nordic.

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