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TITANS! Dawn Of War Ultimate Apocalypse Does Epic 40K


I would love to froth at you about the new release of an ultromod for the original Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Soulstorm, which transforms it into a simalcrum of Epic / Apocalypse 40K. Genuinely would love to. Epic was my first Games Workshop game, and because the first things we're exposed to are always the ones we believe to be the best, its grand-scale, massed army, enormous Titan-centric battles remain the only way I think 40K should be played. Unfortunately I've had more luck trying to elicit empathy in cats than I have trying to download 'grand release' of Ultimate Apocalypse at a sensible speed, so can't tell you much for at least another three hours. But I am going to point at it and say 'look! Look! Wouldn't it be amazing if this was as good as it sounded?'


That is Epic, or Apocalypse as Games Workshop now call it. Maybe that's just as well - the word 'epic' just makes me think of insurance adverts now.

The 1.8 'grand release' of Ultimate Apocalypse, which came out on Sunday, is referred to as The Hunt Begins and adds two new factions and an overhauled skirmish mode, and focuses on mod-made factions Inquisition versus Chaos Daemons. This means there's support for 11 different armies. I guess the original Dawn of War remains the go-to RTS if you want a maximalist adaptation of 40K. This is all multiplayer and skirmish stuff, mind. Singleplayer is further down the line, theoretically, in case that's your main interest.


The mod's been around for several years, and is popular enough to even have its own mods.


This is quite an old trailer, but gives a sense of what Ultimate Apocalypse is going for:


I'll try and lob in some hands-on thoughts if and when this accursedly slow 1.1GB download finally finishes crawling down its tiny tube, but in the meantime you can grab it from here. You'll need the Dawn of War 1 expandalone Soulstorm, but don't need any other DoW games.


Thanks for the titan tip, James.

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