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WH40K: Dawn of War's Witch Hunters Mod Is Finally Out

For the Emperor!

Relic are still poking at Dawn of War II, but what about the first of Relic's Warhammer 40,000 RTSs? Delightfully, modders are still happily working on expanding and revamping Dawn of War, and this weekend saw the release of the Witch Hunters: Adepta Sororitas mod [official site] for DoW: Soulstorm. It adds a new army drawing from the judicial and ecclesiastical arms of the Emperor's might, from humble space-cops to the terrifying Sisters of Battle.

Witch Hunters is based on a never-finished mod for DoW: Dark Crusade, one that awed folks with its pretty pretty units until development slowed and the mod dropped out of sight, at which point they were left remembering it and wondering what the heck happened. Well, folks have tracked the team down and got permission to resume development. The mod they've just released for Dawn of War's standalone final expansion, Soulstorm, brings the Adeptus Arbites space-cops and Adepta Sororitas warrior nuns together as one army with multiple tech trees. Also, it seems you get to lark about with the Inqusition's ridiculous murderchair the Throne of Judgement.

You can download the mod over here and will also need the Objective Points mod.

A few months back, Alec mentioned another big Dawn of War mod going round, Ultimate Apocalypse with its honking great Titans stomping around all over the place.

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