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Colourful platformer De Blob 2 squelches onto PC

Colour me shocked

We all know the saying: you wait a decade for one jazzy paint-based platformer starring a big blob of colour and then two come along at once. Or something like that.

De Blob arrived on PC in April, 9 years after the original release on the Wii, and this week the sequel arrived on PC a mere 6 years after it first hit consoles. Somebody's in a hurry.

I've not played either but the trailer for De Blob 2, below, does look pretty fun. You play an amorphous blob that can soak up various colour paints and splatter them over the environment, mixing them to colour in a world from which all colour has been sucked by an evil corporation, no doubt run by men with grey hair wearing grey suits.

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The thing that sets it apart is the soundtrack. Each colour corresponds to an instrument, and the background music builds as you fill in the blanks. Brendan, who has played De Blob 2 on console, says:

"The platforming and world was totally forgettable but I dug the way the music and colour combined in red, saxy ways. It felt like more of a distracting toy than anything 'gamey' but it certainly had its charm."

If you're interested, it's £13.49 on Steam and GOG, which includes a week-long 25% discount. Let me know what you think!

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