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Dead Or Alive 6 has commenced biffing

Slam your body down and wind it all around

Where some fighting games let us create ridiculous characters with custom costumes (looking at you, Tekken 7 and Soulcalibur VI), Dead Or Alive 6 boldly makes its pugilists look ludicrous by default. Team Ninja's latest face-puncher is out now, released this morning, and is the first in the series to launch for PC on the same day as its console counterparts.

"That's good and all, Alice," you're currently thinking, "but when are you going to talk about the jiggling? Tell us about the jiggling. Say something sarky about the jiggling."

I'm sorry, what jiggling? You'll have to explain it to me.

Dead Or Alive 6, then, is a game about punching your pal in the face until they fall over. This may involve punching your pal until they smash through layers of the level, riding a a pteranodon as it picks your pal up, or getting a tyrannosaurus rex to chew 'em out (one level appears to be set in Jurassic Park?). I am very much into that sort of foolishness.

You can see some of it in the launch trailer, which appears to star one of Japan's Microsoft Windows mascots.

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Dead Or Alive 6 is out now on Steam, with a small launch discount bringing it to £49.49/€62.99/$53.99. Oof that Euro pricing is harsh. You can also spend ha ha WHAT £73.99/€89.99/$92.99 on the Season Pass 1 for new costumes and characters, which doesn't even necessarily cover all DLC released over its March-June run. And it's likely more will follow, given the "1" in the name and the fact that DOA5's DLC came to total £997.09.

Team Ninja's crossover fightfest Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is also coming to PC this month.

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