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Dead or Alive 6 will live (or possibly die) in Early 2019

Electrified battle-rings seem dangerous?

Dead or Alive 6 was announced today, following up the last iteration which was unleashed way back in 2012. The new title has an expanded roster, a debut trailer that we've got embedded below, and plenty of electricity shooting out of hands and/or out of the floor and/or the electrified wires of the battleground boundaries that keep your fighters contained. Team Ninja has also worked to tone down the hilariously overly sexualized character designs that the series has become synonymous with. Yes, the boob physics have taken a backseat to fighting in a fighting game, and I can already feel the dark parts of the internet boiling with rage.

Dead or Alive 6’s debut trailer reveals six returning playable characters: Ryu Hayabusa, Kasumi, Hayate, Helena, Jann Lee and Zack. I don't know who these people are but I assume many of them have the skill-sets to both punch AND kick? Correct me if I am wrong.

DOA 6 is also built on a brand new engine, which is supposed to allow for more realism in character models, bruisin' up faces, and interacting with the level environments. 4K support and an improved lighting system should allow us to see these finer details, like more elaborate facial expressions and the sweat that now pours from the pores of your fighters. I never realized that I needed realistic sweat in my game about exploding people across cities but here we are.

There's a hands-on over at IGN that has a bunch of hyper-specific details about how the game plays now. My big take-away is that there's a new special attack button that's a "rescue button for beginners" and oh wow is that all that I need.

With a release date of Early 2019 listed on the official site, there's also a line about more updates coming on June 11th. You know... E3. So you'll have to wait until at least Monday, mayhaps even Monday evening, to find out more about the good punchy game.

Check out the reveal trailer below:

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