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Dead or Alive 6 will tone down the wobbly bits, half-heartedly

"We want to make it a lot more natural."

It’s hard to separate fighting game Dead or Alive from its masturbatory fantasy aesthetic, but for the sixth outing, game director Yohei Shimbori says Team Ninja is trying to do just that. Sort of. Maybe. If the fans are OK with it. Maybe it will be worse!

"This is a work in progress, a prototype, so we might change in the future," Shimbori told Game Informer. "For this version, we still have Kasumi with her previous costumes, and there are some parts that are going to jiggle or move, but we want to make it a lot more natural. That is one goal, to make movement very natural. Also, each character has a very strong personality and we want to emphasise that.”

It’s not the first time that the series has attempted to move away from teen wank fodder. Dead or Alive 5 did it, but subsequently doubled down on T&A with the DLC. Shimbori isn’t ruling anything out.

"Of course we’re going to tone down at this point, but for downloadable content, we have to see what gamers really want, what their response is. Not all the gamers want the same thing, but we want to ask their opinions, all of them, and get feedback on it.”

Oh no. Don’t do that!

He goes on to admit that Dead or Alive 5: Last Round may have taken things too far, but he reiterated that there would still be jiggling. A “mature, natural look” is the goal. With big jiggling boobs. Now I’m not suggesting that jiggling isn’t natural. I’m jiggling right now. My whole body is a flabby, wrinkled mass of jiggling pink jelly. I don’t think that’s what he’s talking about, however.

Anyway! This toned down but still, ultimately, jiggling installment of Dead or Alive is due out in 2019.

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