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Dead Space's return could be a remake and not a new game

Ray-traced innards are on the cards

A Dead Space return has long been rumoured, with everything from a remaster of the first game to a new game being hinted at. It looks like it’ll be somewhere in between, with reports suggesting that EA Motive are working on a remake of the original game, and an expected reveal at July 22’s EA Play Live.

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VentureBeat’s report cites the recent Resident Evil 2 remake as a major reason for EA to return to the Ishimura. Capcom managing to successfully and thoughtfully rebuild a classic horror series sent EA poking around in the dusty boxes of Visceral’s old offices. You know, the original developer that EA shut down after creating three games in the series. Watching as another developer is allowed to resurrect your series while you've been melted down for parts can't be fun.

Remaking horror seems like a strange thing to me. Fear shouldn’t have a set framework to follow. It’s as much about surprise as it is dread. If you’re building on a game that either copies or subverts the previous scares then you’re already dealing with previous expectations in a way that undermines it. Unless it’s a game about vampires. Then I’ll accept a revamp… What's that? Nope. Not even sorry.

What would you be more interested in? A remake of the original game, with the new bells and whistles you’d expect from a 2020s game and a few of the sequels' weapons and tricks, or a whole new take on the series? Do you want a classic Dead Space, or a new Dead Space? Let us know.

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