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ACE Team's The Deadly Tower Of Monsters Announced

Cracking fake stop motion

I like that I can never guess what ACE Team's next game will even be, let alone look like. What might the folks behind Zeno Clash, and Abyss Odyssey, and Rock of Ages make next? A clip art second-person murder mystery. A monster movie fight up a vast tower with hokey physical special effects. A pixel art Batman FPS.

Ooh! The middle one! It's the middle one! The monster movie action with hokey physical special effects is The Deadly Tower of Monsters [official site], announced last night for release this autumn. Come see some cracking fake stop motion animation in the first trailer.

The Deadly Tower of Monsters is... you know, I'm not entirely sure - which is another thing I like about ACE Team's game. Hero Dick Starspeed and his crew are marooned on a planet and their only way off is at the top of a colossal tower filled with dinosaurs, nuclear ants, robotic monkeys, UFOs and so on. These enemies are rendered in beautiful fake stop motion, or look like men in suits, or are clearly on strings, or are a furry glove on a stick which peeks into frame. You can always rely on ACE Team for a weird and wonderful art style.

As for the game, well, you explore the tower and fight the monsters, yeah? While suffering commentary from the director. What a weird thing. Have a look:

Cover image for YouTube video

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