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Deal Me In: Hand Of Fate 2 Announced

Oh mercy, the Dealer's back!

A sequel to deck-building action-RPG Hand of Fate [official site] is in the works, creators Defiant Development have announced, coming our way next year under the snappy name Hand of Fate 2. Adam and Alec were both quite taken with the original, or at least determined to beat the dastardly dealer who turned their decks of items and encounters into an adventure to battle through in hack 'n' slash combat. I'm sure they'll be delighted to hear the git's back.

Yes, he has somehow returned, this time to help a new heroine defeat the first game's protagonist after the power went a bit to his head.

Hand of Fate 2 has same build-o-fight foundation, then will throw in plenty of new things. Expect companion characters who can help in both table and fighty sections, new enemy types with the new Steel and Blight suits, and new two-handed and dual-wielding weapons.

HoF 2 is addressing the original's repetitiveness too. Today's announcement explains:

"Claiming victory in Hand of Fate 2 will now be more complex than reaching the end of a deck; players will have to conquer specific feats like surviving a 10-level descent or saving up 300 gold before advancing beyond a dungeon. Objectives in combat will also now vary beyond defeating all foes, such as defending a goblin from endless waves of soldiers for 60 seconds."

Hand of Fate 2 is due on Windows, Mac, and Linux in 2017, by the end of March. The original went through Kickstarter then Steam Early Access, but there's no mention of either for HoF 2 so far. Maybe it'll simply be released - what a novelty! Here's a wee teaser trailer with the dealer, who's looking a bit grizzled after events of the first game.

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Don't stare.

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