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Death Stranding Director's Cut will be a $10 upgrade if you own the original

As hoped

When Death Stranding's PC pubishers announced in January that the expanded Death Stranding Director's Cut was indeed coming belatedly to PC, they neglected to mention whether they'd offer a cheaper upgrade. Seeing as the newness is very much not worth buying the game again, it was a weird omission. But, now they say they'll offer a £9/$10 upgrade from the base game, and announced a release date of the 30th of March. Right-o!

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The Director's Cut (a term Hideo Kojima has objected to because it's new content, not cut content; he suggests Delector's Plus) adds new bits and pieces including new quests, a new weapon, a firing range, a racetrack with time trials, a cargo catapult, a rocket booster for long falls, a robot buddy who can hold packages or even Sam, and more. The PC version also brings support for Intel's new XeSS upscaling tech.

When Death Stranding Delector's Plus debuted on PlayStation 5 in September, folks who owned the original there were offered a $10 upgrade. So it's the same for us here. And yes, you will be able to transfer your progress from the non-DP on PC (not from PlayStation, obvs).

Death Stranding Delector's Plus is headed to Steam and the Epic Games Store on March 30th. It'll cost £35/€40/$40 to buy fresh or £9/$10 to upgrade from the base game.

Speaking of, the original Death Stranding has a 70% discount in the Steam Lunar New Year Sale, bringing it down to £16.49/€17.99/$17.99 for the next week. Maybe see about that, then see if you'd be interested in Delector's Plus for a repeat playthrough a year down the line. Check our Death Stranding video review for more on its niceness.

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