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Death Stranding: Director's Cut will put rockets up Sam's bum

Don't bump those buttocks, boy

Car races and rockets to stop Sam bumping his bum are among the novelties coming to Death Stranding in its Director's Cut, shown off in a new trailer tonight. While the refresh isn't yet confirmed for PC, ah c'mon, surely we too will get to enjoy watching Norman Reedus do sikk motorbike trikks and boogy around his bedroom in his pyjamas. I'm so very glad all this exists in a ponderous game about trying not to trip over rocks or get eaten by oilghosts.

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We've seen bits and pieces of these new items and missions and activities and things before but here they are, all in one giant lump, one beautiful giant lump. Looking at this game makes me happy. I'm so glad it's so self-serious yet nonsensical, such a wonderful simple concept of movement yet so much wackiness to help avoid doing it. This juxtaposition is what makes me adore Hideo Kojima's games.

Kojima isn't keen on the 'Director's Cut' label, mind, because he says it's adding new stuff rather than shuffling back in stuff that was made then cut. He suggests the term Delector's Plus because of course. I suggest Deathier Stranding.

Death Stranding: Director's Cut is coming PS5 on September 24th but so what? I'd be quite surprised if a PC release doesn't follow, though I would expect it to be a few months, maybe even a year or so. But eventually, surely I too will cram rockets up Sam Porter Bridges' bum.

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