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Deceiver is a neat looking parkour game with added spiderbots


Deceiver describes itself as an upcoming "philosophical shooter", though I can't see much philosophy on display in the trailer. What I can see is someone using a grappling hook to first-person parkour through a cyberpunk city rendered in a unique minimalist art style, as well as launching creepy wall-climbing spider bots at gun-wielding foes. I never thought I'd say this, but who needs philosophy when you've got all that?

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Here's the pitch:

"The world is about to end. Those who can afford it have already abandoned the planet for an off-world colony. Will you scrounge together enough money to escape before disaster strikes? It's a zero-sum game between you and every other player. Steal their resources and defend your own."

So, it seems like the game will be one part peaceful parkour-ey exploration, and one part spiderbot murder fest. You're trying to wrest control of the city from other players, though from the looks of the trailer (and the Steam page advertising "eight maps") the multiplayer side of things takes place in indoor arenas rather than the prettier city rooftops.

While launching yourself at other people with the spiderbot could be fun, it's the outdoor free-running that I'm most interested in. I'm into that colour pallet, and I like how the grappling hook uses the same time-slowing trick as the blink ability in Dishonoured.

This isn't developer Evan Todd's first run at a first-person parkour game. A few years back he made Lemma, another parkour-ey adventure where each hop, jump and free-running skip created the world around you. If you like the sound of that, there's a demo here.

Deceiver is expected to launch in May 2019, though the site says that a demo is coming "soon".

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