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Defect SDK Will Use Your Creations Against You

Ship shapes

Confusingly titled spaceship builder Defect SDK had me staring at my monitor like a monkey at a monolith. Why are they selling a defective SDK? How is that a game? I asked, but the people of Forbidden Chatroom of Mystery were of no help: Jim only communicates with screenshots of Sir, John is singing this song: "I am best! I am best! I'm the best one of the lot!", and Adam is from Manchester and scares me. I was left to figure it all out on my own. After calling my dad, we had it sussed: the "Defect" part means the crew of your ship could steal if from you at any moment, and "SDK" stands for "Spaceship Destruction Kit". No, it's not a very helpful name, but now I've had it explained to me I quite like the concept, and the trailer has some lovely moments

You can build a 2D spacecraft, clicking together tiles to build ships of any size and style (with a nice focus on "sci-fi movies and shows from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s"), and pilot it through space. But there's a problem: while you're lancing bad guys through asteroid fields and shouting about how great you are, your crew (apparently led by Stanley Kubrick) could potentially defect and take your ship with them. So you need to design a destroyer with inherent flaws, or you'll be fighting off a super-powerful space bastard of your own creation. It's a lovely twist.

That was a fun trailer. It'll be out in 2014, and include cross-platform play with tablets. Hooray!

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