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Defiance Dev Diary Details Deadly Dalliances

Someone is going to crack the open-world shooter, and when they do I'll be there with the huggiest hug of all hugs. With Firefall and Planetside 2 already out (ish), and Defiance coming, it feels like there's a movement. The problems that have kept these kinds of games from proliferating will now have three development teams trying to fix them. But what game to choose? This PvP specific Defiance developer diary makes a good case for giving it some attention. Quad bikes and meaty shooty-bangs are all well represented, even if the word 'console' is liberally tossed about.

This diary focuses on you vs me. If I hadn't already spent a month in the Planetside 2 beta, I'd be squeeing a little at what they're showing. Now it's more of an appreciative nod towards the rolling hills full of joinable or skippable battles. I especially like the quad bikes, because you can get so much air when riding one over a hill. I'll be doing that a lot, and I expect Nathan will be joining me. Preferably over the emergent PvP. That fighting does look like it has some heft, though I found myself wishing it was an FPS.

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I've been waiting for this to happen for a long time. I've been begging my god, the almighty Dexter, to deliver me a shooter where fights happen where they need to, where tactics are ever-evolving, and where I can hop in and make a difference day or night. He has delivered me three. The downside is these are time-consuming games, and I'm going to have to make a choice. Firefall's already sort of fallen by the wayside, and Defiance won't be out until next year. Right now Planetside 2 and I are getting along just fine, but I won't discount Defiance just yet.

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