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Delightful pinball platformer Yoku's Island Express is free on Epic

Plus, it's added a randomiser mode

If you've not yet experienced the joys of launching yourself around tethered to your own filth (in a game, anyway), please do check out the latest game being given away free on the Epic Games Store: Yoku's Island Express. It's a charming metroidvania-ish pinball platformer where you take control of a wee dung beetle postman who propels himself around the pretty island by batting his ball of filth with flippers conveniently stuck around. Delightful.

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We declared Yoku's Island Express one of the best PC games of 2018. Our Graham called the game "a palate cleanser" in his Yoku's Island Express review.

"I played it in short bursts at the end of long days and was refreshed by it each time," Graham explained. "It's not rich enough in terms of its ideas and set-pieces to get under your skin and I likely won't remember much of the details of my time with it a year from now, but I will remember that it provided me with easy, simple pleasure. I could use a few more games like that in my life."

Cheaper than a tub of lemon sorbet and all.

Good news for folks who already have Yoku, too: it's added a randomiser mode. The announcement explains, yep, "the order of all the unlocks are randomised." Randomiser mods are popular for metroidvanias so it's always good to see an official mode.

You have until 4pm (UK time) on Thursday the 9th to grab Yoku's Island Express free for keepsies on the Epic Games Store. After that, the next Epic freebie will be 2016 bunker survival sim Sheltered.

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