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Spiritual Descent Remake Overload Needs $17K In 4 Hrs

Original Descent devs race for the prize

Edit: and it made it, with just under two hours to go. Yer new Descent will be a reality, then. Congrats to Revival.

The bums, they are a-squeakin'. There are just four hours left on the Kickstarter clock for Overload, the game from the core creators of the original Descent, and it appears they need to round up the best part of $20k in that time. A photo finish is not at all impossible, but I imagine it's been a sleepless night for Revival productions.

Overload is very much Descent, that classic of six-degrees-of-freedom shooters, remade in appropriately pretty mordern-o-3D, and should not be confused with Interplay's 'official' Kickstarted Descent game, which was made by folk not involved in the original game. If you've been on the fence, Revival put out a playable teaser demo thinger a few days ago. Alternatively, the devs are busy livestreaming the game on Twitch as the finish line approaches.

At the time of writing, Overload has $283,573 of the $300,000 required to fill its coffers - although I imagine actual development costs will be significantly more than that. Especially as they've now committed to a multiplayer expansion (given free to backers) in the event the game gets its funding.

Four hours to go. Best of luck, Revival.

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