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Desperados III coming from Shadow Tactics devs in 2019


After a decade face-down in a dusty digital gulch with the buzzards fighting the lizards for its gizzards, the Desperados series will return to life next year. Publishers THQ Nordic today announced Desperados III, resuming the real-time tactical action, and excitingly it's being made by Mimimi. They're the studio who made 2016's Desperados/Commandos homage Shadow Tactics: Blades Of The Shogun, which was great - a fine match. Here, have a look at Desperados III in this preview video from our Matthew.

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Desperados III will once again send our squad of, well, desperados out into the wicky wicky wild wild wild west to sneak, stab, and shoot through missions where they're outmanned and outgunned.

Veteran cowpoke John Cooper will return to lead the gang, along with some new pals and new class abilities of his own. While THQ bill this as being "heavily inspired" by the original Desperados: Wanted Dead Or Alive, it's not just copying that. I do like the sound of "civil zones" where I can freely wander and check out opportunities without instantly being murdered, and I like how Matthew makes that sound mildly more Hitman-ish.

We've only seen a bit of the early game but Mimimi having made Shadows Tactics makes this jolly exciting. Desperados creators Spellbound Entertainment shut down in 2012 before half-reforming as Black Forest Games but... their recent track record is a bit ropey. Black Forest's last game was a new Bubsy and ah, oh no.

Desperados III is due out some time in 2019. For now, hey, THQ Nordic recently updated the first game to play nicely on modern systems and it's only a few quid. Shadow Tactics is great and all.

Elsewhere in the realm of sneaking, Kalypso Media have a new Commandos coming.

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