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FPS Skillz: Another Peek At Desync

Dodging and counter-attacks

People eagerly showing me games they think I'll like is one of my favourite parts of this job. Mention at noon that you like low-fi FPS styles and come 2pm you'll be staring at a lovely new trailer for Desync [official site]. (And by 9pm you'll have calmed down enough to post it.)

It's an FPS with a glorious gaudy style and, more than that, a focus on projectile and melee attacks to reward skilful movement and spatial awareness. I'm a big fan of actual projectiles you can dodge and gosh! Desync will even let you deflect them back at enemies to counter-attack. Come see.

That's a fine-looking thing, isn't it? Desync's a high-scoring FPS where the action and enemies respond to how well you play. Given that it allows a whole lot of dodging and gives you secondary weapons to do things like launch enemies up into the air, deflect shots, and dash with a honking great laser sword, it seems there's a lot to look forward to mastering. If it had Quake 2-esque strafe-jumping too I'd flip my lid.

Sadly Desync is still in pre-alpha phases of development so it'll be a while before we get to play.

Dear developers reading this: I also like walking simulators which don't have narrators, grappling hooks, water, eerie but safe forests, quiet contemplation, and FPSs with huge pump-action shotguns and revolvers. I would also really like a walking simulator set around a vast procedurally-generated production line full of noisy complicated machinery. Thanks in advance!

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