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Become A Weapon: Deus Ex - Mankind Divided

Adam's arm-guns

I've played Deus Ex: Mankind Divided [official site] and I liked what I saw. A brief visit to just two areas suggested a more confident and open approach to first-person stealth-action. My preview focused on the level design because that's where most of the improvements seemed to be but Eidos Montreal are also determined to improve player character Adam Jensen. That's already evident in the improved control scheme, particularly as it relates to use of cover, but it'll also be felt in his new augmented abilities. You can see some of those in the new trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube video

It pleases me that Jensen reacts like the naughty boy in the class: "Are you going to cause any trouble today, Jensen? Going to get up to any of your larks?" "No, sir. Wouldn't think of it, sir." And he's got an arm loaded up with stinkbombs hidden under the desk.

This new in-game trailer highlights the Titan shield, as well as his new gun-arm augmentations: the Tesla, the Nanoblade and the PEPS.

I failed abysmally to make use of the Tesla during my hands-on. Fired it at people no problem and then cuffed them around the back of the head while they were stunned, but I somehow missed the obvious fact that it might be handy to use in a pinch when there was a stompy robot bearing down on me. I am the worst Adam.

Our coverage of the game includes a big interview with the art director. I love the aug workshop with the arms hanging from the ceiling at around 30 seconds in this video.

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