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Devil Daggers records still being broken, still wild as all heck

What the hell!

"Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven," Satan once wrote on a toilet door, back before he was ejected from his skull throne by Devil Daggers players. Those Hellbound hearts have been scrapping for top spot on the leaderboards since the wave-survival FPS launched in February 2016, and today I'm delighted to see records are still being set. New hellchamp "Bintr" yesterday survived over eighteen minutes, beating a months-old records by a precious three seconds. I am still in awe of not only how well they play, but how amazing the game looks and sounds once things really kick off (officially the best-looking and best-sounding FPS, says me). Come watch Bintr's performance.

The best way to see and hear Devil Daggers is through the in-game replay viewer (click the eye icon next to a time on a leaderboard), but here's Bintr's new record time of 1086.7075 seconds in handy YouTube form:

Cover image for YouTube video

I adore that howl when the hand hits level 3, and how blasts sing and chime at higher levels. God! What a game. Secret best FPS. Shh. Keep that quiet. But it is.

The previous record, of 1083.3294 seconds, was set by long-time Devilman "Sojk" in July. I had thought that record might stand, the most daggering a devil ever daggered, but here we are. Bintr only beat that by three point something seconds, but watch those final seconds and tell me those aren't a hell of an accomplishment.

I ran into a wall around five minutes and couldn't escape the pull of The Binding Of Isaac as my main game, but... now I want to return. Maybe I can spur some pals into resuming their daggering endeavours, as rivalry does make great motivation.

Climbing leaderboards in Devil Daggers is so good that young Matt named it one of the best multiplayer games on PC for that alone. It's also 5th on RPS's officially official best FPSs but it wuz robbed.

Ta to my pal Ricky for pointing this out.

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